7 Types Of Plastic Garden Netting

Plastic garden netting can actually be a very effective way to keep out the pests that inhabit and destroy your garden. The varieties and uses of garden netting are numerous, and really comes down to your own creativity. We’ve laid out our top ten ways to use plastic garden netting in your home garden.

Beetle Netting – If you have any sort of bug or beetle population that frequents your garden, you may want to consider installing plastic beetle netting to protect your plants. This can be an excellent way to cover your raspberries, strawberries, and other vegetables from Japanese beetles and other larger pests.

Bird Netting – It is no secret that birds love your garden. This can pose a serious problem to your harvest if they are allowed free access to you plants. One of the most common culprits of theft from birds in your garden is your berry plants. Used in combination with reflective bows, plastic bird netting can be an excellent way to protect your garden.

Deer Netting – If you live in an area of the world where you are frequented by deer or other grazing wildlife, you undoubtedly have faced problems in your garden. Plastic deer garden netting can be installed as a barrier between your garden and the rest of the yard. If sufficiently tall, this can protect your crops from unwanted intruders.

Garden Trellis Netting – Plastic garden trellis netting is an excellent way to implement vertical gardening into your own home garden. This is an excellent way to conserve space, and can even be used in confined situations. Many vine vegetable varieties are able to grow quite well up a trellis.

Rabbit Fencing – Similar to other pest fencing, rabbit fencing is designed to help keep these pests from eating your garden. Rabbits are notorious for eating your fresh greens, and can quickly destroy the bulk of your crop.

Shade Netting – For climates in which a degree of shade is necessary to protect your plants, inexpensive shade netting can be installed to protect your plants for the sunlight. Because of the netting factor, your plants will still receive sufficient sunlight to grow, all the while being cooled from the blazing sun.

Soil Erosion – Another popular use for plastic garden netting is for the purpose of preventing soil erosion. Combined with mulch, bark, or decorative rocks, you can help prevent the erosion of soil on sloped landscapes around your yard.

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